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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Social Situations and Buffet Tips

What to do ahead of time:

}Plan your day – prep ahead
}Compensate for excess food –exercise/foods
}Ask what will be served
}Ask if you can bring something
}Do you have a person for SUPPORT?
- Show up later

Dining out -Watch words on Menus like:

}Cheese sauce
}Sauté – in what?
}Mega size – grand slam
}All you can eat
 Helpful tips:
}Ask how things are prepared
}Ask for a salad instead of pasta or the fries
}Ask for half size
}Ask for grilled veggies vs. other choices
}Ask to order first – so not to be temped
}Ask to see the menu ahead of the event
}Ask for the dressing on the side
}Ask to split the meal with someone
}See if the salad has nuts, cheese, meats, olives, guacamole, sauces, dressings etc.
}Choose a juice or water instead of pop
At the EVENT: 

Plan to eat in moderation
Focus on non-food topics
Keep conversations away from the food area
Keep a healthy drink in your hand -At all times
Juice or spritzer
Keep a purse or plate, cutlery, napkin in your hands
Pre portion your plate with foods
If you must have a dessert
Half a dessert with someone
Choose one you dislike to avoid over eating
Choose fruit
Help the host with plates and cups to the kitchen
Keep busy

Buffet tips: 

}-Group – ask about elsewhere to
}Meet them after they eat
}-Ask for menu instead
}-Ask to be seated far away from the buffet
}-Ask to sit facing away from traffic
}-Ask for smaller plate
}-Soup to start and a large salad
}-Take your time
}-Survey the buffet first – really!
  }what is your inner self talk? 
}-put just a dab of items on your plate 
}-have no foods touch 
}-don’t go past the inner circle of the plate 
}-dessert – savor the two bites 
}-when done, ask your plate be removed 
}-place your knife and fort on plate when done 
}-place paper napkin on plate - indicates you are done

 }-be honest with yourself – who pays?