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Monday, September 20, 2010

Food Social Situations Success Tips! part 1

Social events
Here are some more strategies that can help you focus on the event and not the food:
• Plan your day when you know you will be going out later. Balance your meals and snacks earlier in the day.
• Otherwise you will be so hungry that you will over-do it when you get to the event.
• Compensate for an occasion that you know will be centered on food: plan extra exercise and balance out your daily food intake.
• Ask what will be served so you know how to plan ahead of time.
• Plan to eat in moderation and adjust your portions accordingly. Choose foods that are healthy.
• If you must have a sweet dessert, select one that is your least favorite so you do not eat as much of it.
• Ask your host or hostess if you may bring a dish to the event—make it something that you can fit into your eating plan.
• Do you have a support person with you? Tell that support person ahead of time about any food or eating challenges you expect to encounter. Talk about the support you need.
• Show up to the event later to avoid the appetizers. Eat before you go.
• Pre-portion your plate with foods that fit your plan and only eat what is on your plate to avoid picking.
• Focus on the non-food topics and on the other guests.
• Keep a healthy drink in your hand at all times; make it a full or half-full glass to ensure no one asks if you need a drink.
• Keep a purse, or a plate, cutlery and a napkin in the other hand to keep you from nibbling at the food or refilling your plate.
• Keep the conversation going as you stay away from the table or the treats.
• Help the hosts by taking empty plates or cups the kitchen to avoid being tempted to nibble at the food offerings.

To be continued …with buffets.
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