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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edmonton Winning Weddings Contest!

Winning Weddings
The perfect wedding is all about you. What better way to provide for that exquisite experience than through a community of businesses dedicated to work together for your event! As an affiliation of companies we can communicate within our team of experts and ad those special touches to your wedding. We coordinate our efforts to give you the best possible experience without the headache of having to shop around.

Winning Weddings is your one stop shop, a joint collaboration of businesses, providing you with a complete compliment of wedding and other services for your stunning event. Winning Weddings provides the best quality experience to serve all components of any wedding event, special event, birthday party, holiday gathering, reunion, or corporate event. We encourage businesses to come together as a complete solution provider.

Winning Weddings is so confident we can provide you with the best services in Edmonton that we are giving away one wedding every year! Our association is committed to making a sensation out of your wedding, and we have awesome gifts and service prizes to give way. Prizes and prize amounts may vary from year to year, but we expect it to grow and become more spectacular every year!

Our contest will provide one lucky couple with fabulous gifts and services to complete an incredible wedding experience. Gifts and services are provided by the business members of the Winning Wedding contest. Couples must register on the Winning Weddings website before they can be entered into the contest. Please feel free to browse over the site to see what gifts and prizes we are offering this year.

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