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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Dream Came TRUE

Published a Book
Thursday in shawnessy chapters
So have you ever thought as a kid- I will never be good enough for that job? (Wishing that you could be) or I would have loved to be a sprinter and win track meets- well that not possible for my body but...
I have a story of a dream that I had for other people that came true for me yesterday. You know when you see on a movie or in the news someone at a bookstore selling their book or doing a reading or just seeing their book on the shelf for sale? Well I felt like a little kid yesterday when my book was selling at shawnessy chapters. Why you ask? I was told I have a grade 5 reading and writing ability in grade 10, so I gave up and thought- I guess this is not my calling.
With the help of a great editor, I took my idea of how to help people with regards to the psychology of the mental part of food- emotions, cravings, habits, treats, rewards etc. With a method of how to break out of those habits through the mind for better health- I was able to write and publish a spectacular book that won an award in NYC.

It wasn't until I saw it on the shelf amongst the other diet and nutrition books on a big box store shelf that I burst into uncontrollable tears of pride and wonderment!
This was someone else's dream I thought- but it's mine now.
You can't imagine the emotions I felt in that moment! You know you are really alive and doing a passion when you thought it was impossible!!
Living someone else's dream - so I thought! I am so proud of that grade 10 student that bust through and made a difference in her life and help changed others lives too! That student was me! I think it's an amazing story...just sayin'
(I still need editors of course... Working on my skills everyday, I will get there! )
My apologies for typing errors- typed on my iPhone