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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Free seminars!- Calgary

About Stop Emotional Eating

Seeing a friend struggle with diabetes, Beth Castle decided to enter the health field and discover a way to help other people with their own food struggles.

After becoming a dietary technician in 1986, Castle coached hundreds of people, helping them to eat right, lose or manage their weight and gain confidence.

Her wildly popular program will lead you through practical and sequential exercises and self-discoveries that will help you to develop a great relationship with food. She will show you how to end emotional eating and fix your food cravings for good.

Visit for more information.

Telephone 403-680-7200
Next Seminar will be in Calgary

JUNE 9th at coop on Macleod trail and 88 ave south in the community room upstairs at

7pm!! must rsvp to register!!

Coming soon fall - plan a day for "WHY WE EAT" go over all detail about food and why we do the things we do with over eating and more than that....strategies and solutions worked on right in class!! (no I will not be bringing food to temp though...) fee will be figured out closer to summer. contact me if interested at