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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why We Eat group meet up

Why We Eat... meet up Info

  • Calgary Group - starting Mid April sign up today - evening times

  • Crossfield Group - starting Monday April 18- 7pm-8:30pm Crossfield Baptist Church

  • Airdrie Group - Starting Wednesday April 13 - 7pm-8:30pm Inches a Weigh (upstairs) Airdrie Meetings for support and solutions

Why we eat? monthly meet up group about the mind and food. Cravings, Treats, Rewards, Emotions, texture of foods, what we were told as kids, culture,social situations, dining out, buffets and so much more. With the book or audio of "Stop Emotional Eating, Fix Food Cravings, Find your Metabolism and More"

  • - and the guidance of Beth Castle - Dietary Technician/Author/Speaker we will split up the book/audio into 10 sections and meet up to discuss challenges associated with "Why We Eat" and come up with positive self talk and solutions.

  • Enjoy this group interaction with others who you will be able to relate to and possibly be able to "buddy" up with outside of this group scenario.

  • -meetings will be monthly - skipping July and August - resuming in September. -required reading - purchase at least the book set at $39+gst PLUS $3.50 or $5.00 per session paid in advance to insure attendance.

  • -fees shown here may vary depending on the venue costs. (audio guide set is $47+gst + meeting fee) (package audio guide set +guide book special is $72+gst+ meeting fee)

  • contact Beth Castle for information at 403-680-7200 and/or

  • (having attended a free "Emotional Eating, Cravings, Metabolism" seminar is optional however can be scheduled at a later date.) Contact Us 403-680-7200