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Monday, October 4, 2010

Social Situation Success - Buffets

Here are some strategies for eating out at a buffet:
• If it is a group decision to go to a buffet, and you are uncomfortable with that choice, ask if anyone minds going somewhere else. If you feel supported, explain that to the people in your group.

• Ask if you could meet them at the restaurant after they eat. Or say that you are tied up until then, and you will come for a coffee after instead.

• If you end up going to the buffet restaurant, ask for a menu instead of choosing the buffet option. Feel confident making this good choice and avoiding the buffet.

• Ask to be seated far away from the buffet. If the buffet is in someone’s home, sit far away from the buffet table.

• If you choose to partake of the buffet, survey the spread for wise choices and also for ideas that will promote your success. Stick to your plan. Tell yourself that the foods on a buffet table always look much better than they taste. Actually this is probably true because the foods are prepared in large quantities and kept warm or cold for hours rather than being prepared fresh for individual plates.

• Choose a smaller plate if you can. If a smaller plate is not available, then stay within the inner ring of the dinner plate and don’t place any food beyond that edge.

• Have a small soup to start, or a large salad.

• Have just a dab of what you would like to try. When you place the food samples on your plate, arrange it so that foods don’t touch each other.
• Take your time. Sit down and enjoy your food. Taste every bite; enjoy the company.
• Have fruit for dessert. Share a sugary dessert if you must, but have just one or two bites. Enjoy them. Savor the flavors. Allow yourself to have the taste without overindulging.

• When you are done eating, place your knife and fork on the plate and cover your plate with your paper napkin. Shift the plate away from you a couple of inches. This signals that you are finished eating and a server can remove your plate.

• Resist the temptation to go back to the table for “seconds.” Be honest with yourself about your eating plan and be in control. Breathe!

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