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Saturday, February 13, 2010

13 Tips for success to keep the weight off!

Tip 4!
In planning out your week for foods,
start up a grocery list to ensure
grocery shopping success.
- check what foods are in stock already
- book a time in your daytimer to
do this task every week.
- book your grocery shopping in
your daytimer after you have eaten.

Tip three!
-Plan your meals with your schedule in mind
a. Dining out?
b. at the office?
c. social events?
d. all day meetings?
e. away from the home?
f. business travel?
g. rushing to events and activities directly after work?

Tip Two!
-each week put your menu and meal planning, groceries, cooking into your day timer.

Tip ONE!
-clear out your cupboards of the "danger foods" you know will push you over the edge and donate them to the food bank or a food drive! Thanks to Tyneal for this tip!

(if you have great tips, submitt them to and be a part of helping others! and be a part of my next "strategy book")